The two day gym hangover

Walking up and down the stairs today is punctuated with ‘Ow ow ow ow!’ Yesterday it was just the two ‘Ow’s’, today it’s four. I haven’t upped it for attention-seeking purposes as it’s only me and Zee here, and he mainly pays me attention when he’s hungry. On Monday I went to Buggyfit, an hour […]

Forget me nots

According to this source, ‘baby brain’ is a load of rollocks, according to this source it’s credible. Well, whether it’s myth or fact, I am more forgetful than I used to be; hormones, tiredness, whatever, I just don’t remember things like before. I write myself notes and still forget stuff, I can be staring at […]

What have you done for me lately?

Every time you cry I ask what’s wrong. Are you hungry, tired, overtired, in any pain, wet (or worse)? You don’t reply. Every hour of every day, I say I love you so much, you’re gorgeous, you’re precious, you’re my treacle, my treasure, our miracle, you’re a wonder. You don’t answer back. Instead you smile, […]

Start spreading the news . . .

Six days after taking the test, I wandered off to see the doctor and await him to confirm the news. ‘I’m pregnant!’ said I. ‘Congratulations!’ he replied. Errrrm – is that it? There followed a conversation about dates and hospitals and he allayed my angst that the week before, myself, H and some friends had […]

Dear Mum

My mum left me a voicemail last night that sent waves of panic through me. She chatted a bit about her day and how my poorly nephew is feeling (better now, phew), and then casually threw in a ‘I think you might have made a spelling mistake on your blog, maybe not, it might just […]

Try a little thoughtfulness

Just before Easter, Zee and I were heading down the high street in the unseasonably Baltic conditions. As we rushed past M&S I saw an elderly lady in a wheelchair, in a Salvation Army uniform with a collecting tin. She looked frail and freezing. I stopped the pram, did a three point turn, rummaged in […]

If you’re happy and you know it

The last time I sang in public with no inhibitions, I was in a Lucky Voice karaoke booth in Soho with four friends for a night we entitled Whitney Houston Karaoke┬áTribute Night. There were no inhibitions because of the white wine that was flowing and thanks to this, ‘I Have Nothing’ and ‘I Wanna Dance […]