I need a little time . . .

I didn’t mean to stop writing to (and for) you both. It’s just that life got in the way. We’d been told that the leap from one child to two was hard, but we didn’t know how hard it would be. Endless sleepless nights all add up, you see. They really take their toll. That’s […]

Hello baby

You are six months old today and they have been the most exhausting and challenging six months so far. They have also been the happiest and most joyful and we’re so happy you are here. You arrived on a May evening, born at home in a water pool, as planned. We didn’t know you were […]

Nobody knows it but me

Last Tuesday 18th April was a date etched in my mind, because it was the date we’d be finding out if you would be going to our first-choice school for you. I’d joked about how if we didn’t get first choice it might send me into an early labour, but we did, and we’re still […]

For the last time . . .

With approximately three-ish weeks to go until the arrival of your brother or sister, I keep finding ourselves in our usual routine thinking ‘In a few weeks’ time, this will all be different . . .’ and it feels strange and exciting and a little overwhelming all at the same time. Four years you’ve been […]

Slow Down

A friend shared this on Facebook this morning and it made me BAWL. It’s beautiful, but made me wail great big heaving gasping sobs. Attractive, I know. I thought I’d be okay watching it a second time, but that was very naive of me. I was relatively composed (aka gently weeping) until the father-sees-his-daughter-as-a-bride bit […]