Quote, unquote

I like reading people’s favourite quotes. The ones they post as their Facebook status, or in getting-to-know-you questionnaires or online profiles. I’m interested in what has so captured their attention and imagination in a film or book, magazine or TV show that they remember and repeat it for themselves. In no particular order, my favourite […]

I get so emotional, baby

Baby blues,¬†they told me, will arrive approximately three days after the birth, you’ll cry non-stop for a day and then you will feel fine. Well, if by a day they meant at least two weeks, and if by ‘afterwards you’ll feel fine’ they meant ‘afterwards you’ll stop crying for maybe a day, feel pretty pleased […]


I was scrolling through some photos last week, from the first few weeks of this amazing new adventure. Those first few weeks now feel like a fog, a fog in which H and I (by H I mean my lovely husband, not H from Steps) coped and struggled simply to survive; to not drop the […]