Morning has broken (me)

Being a mum is delightful. Being awake from 6am, sometimes 5am, these days is somewhat less joyous for me; early morning is something I prefer to see only if there’s a flight somewhere hot as part of it. If you are not a morning person, and early starts render you grumpy, bleary-eyed, scary-haired and stumbling […]

You . . .

. . . don’t know yet, can’t even possibly begin to comprehend, the way I feel about you. I tell you a hundred times a day how much I love you, you are irresistible to kiss and cuddle, those plump little cheeks and perfect round tummy are made for squeezing. You are funny and sweet, […]

Dinner a deux

Alarming phone conversation with my mum the other day. In the middle of chatting about my niece and nephew’s latest antics and the rain in the leafy Midlands, she casually asked ‘Darling, have you heard of Professor Green?’ ‘Yes!’ I spluttered, ‘But why have you?!’ ‘Because he’s just married Millie dear, Millie Mackintosh and she’s […]