The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse

‘In the starry dark, Pipin finally reached his hedge. He sniffed the cold, sweet air and smiled. Then he snuggled down in his soft, mossy bed. “This is the life for me,” he said.’ I appear to be living in an alternate version of Aesop’s tale, The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse. In this […]


Until this evening, H probably thought the best money we’ve spent since becoming parents was on the wax ear plugs he wore during the first few months when Zee was our roomie and squawked every two hours without fail, rendering me a stumbling, bumbling mess. I never felt it necessary for H to be awake […]

Learning curve

The setting for our first holiday with Zee was Ju-Belloc, near Toulouse in France, our home for the week a stunning renovated farmhouse owned by our friend’s lovely auntie, who welcomed the four of us and our babies into her home for seven days of eating, drinking and generally disturbing the idyllic peace and tranquility […]

Itsy bitsy teeny weeny no chance

Denial is not conducive to holiday packing. As I write, two suitcases await me downstairs, almost packed, I’m so very nearly there but it’s now down to packing things like shoes and toiletries and for the first time ever, nappies and bottles and steriliser tablets. Oh and a play mat, of course. I don’t know […]