The two day gym hangover

Walking up and down the stairs today is punctuated with ‘Ow ow ow ow!’ Yesterday it was just the two ‘Ow’s’, today it’s four. I haven’t upped it for attention-seeking purposes as it’s only me and Zee here, and he mainly pays me attention when he’s hungry.

SculptinggunsOn Monday I went to Buggyfit, an hour long exercise session in a park down by the beach and it was so nice to be out in the fresh sea air and – I can’t believe I’m saying this – doing lunges and press-ups again. Even though lunging in public is a pretty weird thing to do. As the name suggests, Buggyfit allows mums to get back into exercising with the buggies in tow. I had pondered a Mummy and Me Pilates class at the local leisure centre, but the prospect of Zee squawking midway through the stretching isn’t all that appealing. I am nowhere near dexterous enough to do the plank balanced on one hand whilst sticking my finger in his mouth to soothe him with the other. (‘Give him a dummy!’ I hear voices in my head say, but it hasn’t come to that – yet.)

The class involved some power walking around the park, the aforementioned lunging and some squatting – also a very elegant thing to do in public – and then some circuit training with assorted exercises for toning and muscle strengthening. At my last gym, the words ‘circuit training’ would have filled me with fear, in case the class was led by a burly instructor barking orders at us. There’s no barking orders at Buggyfit; it’s important to consider the target audience and sleep deprivation can leave a person feeling pretty vulnerable. Whilst it’s no BMF, Buggyfit is just what I need right now and the fact I can feel it two days later means it’s doing something helpful, yes?

I hadn’t realised quite how much I’ve missed exercise in the last few months. At the moment I feel out of sorts because I’m out of shape, I’ve been living in baggy dresses and leggings whilst getting my head around everything involved in looking after my pint-sized plus one. And of course after endless nights of interrupted sleep, going for a three mile jog wasn’t really up there on my list of things to do, not when I had the fifth and final series of Friday Night Lights and a sofa within easy reach.

But I think a combo of walking every day and Buggyfit will help kick start the getting-back-into-shape plan. I’m not going to let motherhood become an excuse to let it all go, which I might find easy to do if it weren’t for the fact I worked so bloody hard (sorry Mum) to get in shape for our wedding and I’m too stubborn to not want that back. Is that vain as well? I don’t think it is, at least, I hope it isn’t.

BeersI’m still me after all, the idea of which this excellent and eloquent blog post discusses. Yes, I’ve had a baby, which involves changing shape and weight gain, but it doesn’t change the me on the inside, the me that wants to fit back into my twirly summer dresses and skinny jeans. And just the thought of twirly summer dresses puts a smile on my face, because they bring the arrival of afternoons in beer gardens and sunny beach walks and holidays and long weekends away with good friends. All with Zee at our side, making those experiences the same but different. Which is exactly how life with a baby is. The same, but different. Delightfully different. ‘Light’ being the operative part of the word. All in good time . . .


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