Please look after this child

Sunshine image credit Pinterest

I can’t promise you
That I won’t cry
It’s a big milestone you see
One of the biggest, really
And the idea of you (so little, to me)
Going somewhere so big
Without me there, by your side
It’s hard
But I’ll be brave, for you
At least I’ll try.

You are
How can I put into words
You’ll never
Until one day you perhaps have babies of your own
But you are
Like sunshine to me
My greatest treasure
And I can’t bear the ‘What Ifs’ just now
It’s all so unknown.

What if you are nervous
Without me there to calm you
What if someone makes you cry
Without me there to comfort you
What if you are overwhelmed
Without me there to reassure you
What if you are feeling lost
Without me there to find you?

But this I do know
You are so ready (though I am not)
And this great adventure awaits you
I am prouder of you than I can ever express.
And even though the thought of you
In your uniform
On that first day
Makes my eyes brim
And my heart ache
We are always by your side
Not always in person
But we are there.

And as a side note to your teacher:
Please look after this child
Take him into your care
When I can’t be there
I know he will try his best
Your patience sometimes he may test
But he is lovely
And kind
And funny
And sweet
I know you will do your best to teach him
And encourage him to play and learn and have fun
So as his hand leaves my hand
We say goodbye, off he goes
All I can repeat is
Please look after this child

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