If you’re happy and you know it

The last time I sang in public with no inhibitions, I was in a Lucky Voice karaoke booth in Soho with four friends for a night we entitled Whitney Houston Karaoke Tribute Night. There were no inhibitions because of the white wine that was flowing and thanks to this, ‘I Have Nothing’ and ‘I Wanna Dance with Somebody’ never sounded so good.

Today’s singing in public with no inhibitions was ever so slightly different. That’s right, today Zee and I made it out of our pj’s and into the local library for Rhyme Time and my goodness it was fun. Rhyme Time is a free, half hour sing-along-session for mums, babies and toddlers and features all the classic hits including ‘The Grand Old Duke of York’, ‘Row row row your boat’ and an all time favourite, ‘Heads, shoulders, knees and toes…’

There was lots of noise and clapping and most importantly, shiny happy babies waving hands. Zee spent most of the time looking baffled but seemed quite entertained by it all, though he did fall asleep on his tummy afterwards. It’s a tiring gig being eight weeks old.

booksandfeetI was pleased for Zee to make his first acquaintance with a library and we didn’t leave until I’d ensured this and this were more prominently displayed. I may not be working at the moment but I’m always thinking about the books.

And when we got home it was story time with Mr Caterpillar, before the absolute highlight of my day. Zee fell fast asleep in my arms. Utterly sparko. When that happens, time stops, there is nothing better and I have nothing (nothing, nothiiiiiing) but a massive grin on my face.


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