Just when I thought Zee couldn’t get any cuter*, he dons a pair of swimmers and takes to the water and looks more adorable than I thought possible. Yesterday was his first swimming lesson at our local health club and it was just lovely. We went with friends and their baby girl and I’m so […]


Zee and I went on our first big road trip last Thursday. Having lived without a car in our nation’s great capital for the last nine years, I’d forgotten how much I really love driving. Not because I’m into cars, but because of the singing. There is something so enjoyable about driving and singing isn’t […]

Rock a bye-bye baby

I just went to entitle this blog ‘Whose baby is it anyway?’, re-read the line and realised this could be misconstrued in ever such an awkward way. One that H might be *very* upset to read. Moving swiftly on, yesterday was something of a milestone in Zee’s little life, one that I knew was coming […]

How We Live Now

The girls went to Balthazar in Covent Garden last night, a French brasserie-inspired restaurant, which has just opened and the last time we went there was in New York. When I heard about this on Monday, I hatched an elaborate plan in my head that I would rock up to London on Thursday, find the […]