Summer memories to last a lifetime

It’s September, which seems mad, but what a summer it’s been. We’ve been so busy having so much fun I’ve not had time to write it all down, but that’s what helpful picture galleries are for in years to come. They’ll jog our memories as we remember The Summer of Making the Most of Zach Not Being at School, aka being fortunate enough to go on some lovely trips, because we are lucky enough to have family and friends who live in/have homes in France and invite us to stay . . .

Villefranche in April:


Menorca in June:


Morzine in July:


Valberg in August:

Dieppe in September:

Croyde in October:

Norfolk in November:

I am constantly aware of how fast time is going, how fast you are growing up and I want to make sure I don’t take any of it for granted. There are so many things to try and remember, my phone is filled with notes. I keep trying to think of witty and interesting ways to write all about it, but what am I waiting for? If I lose my phone I’ll be kicking myself, so here’s a recent selection, in no particular order:

  • ‘Mummy my legs hurt! I need some magic cream!’ (for growing pains)
  • Charlton Lido on bank holiday Monday morning just gone, me swimming and you running over to give me kisses and big hugs whilst I was in the pool and you stood at the poolside with the sun behind you
  • Speaking of swimming, you swam for the first time in the sea with me in Villefranche in August and it was so special, the sunshine and the green water and you splashing away (before we went for dinner and realised our flight had left at 7am that morning. Oops.)
  • ‘I want a little bit of breakfast now’ (at 6pm)
  • Absolutely beside yourself with despair ‘I don’t want to eat a broken banana! Fix it, fiiiiiiix iiiiiiiit!’
  • ‘Mummy . . . mummy . . . mummy . . . I love you.’
  • ‘Can I make honey now?’ (proceeds to empty out any available washing baskets and roll around in it and run around with it on your head)
  • ‘No daddy you’re being rude you’re a silly man! I’m not your friend anymore!’
  • ‘I am so excited!’
  • ‘Now then Zachy who do you love more than anyone else in the world?’ ‘MoreGuin!’
  • ‘Oh yes mummy, you’re my favourite little boy.’
  • ‘We are so happy on holiday aren’t we?’
  • ‘I’m not going to nursery work are I?’
  • ‘I miss Arthur.’ ‘I miss MoreGuin.’ ‘I miss my pegs.’
  • Every morning when I go to brush your hair, you run and hide under the bed
  • Every evening when we try to brush your teeth, you roll away or run away or scream and say ‘The gates are shut’
  • Walking home from nursery and you go on the tall wall, so I can pick you up higher and you can be closer to the sky
  • ‘I’m making you chocolate eggs!’ (brings me Lego bricks filled with sand)
  • ‘I missed-a you so much today!’
  • ‘You are my pile of treasure.’
  • ‘You are the cuddliest bear I’ve ever seen.’
  • ‘You are my plastic bucket.’
  • ‘You are my cherub.’
  • ‘I like softing Charlie cat best you know.’
  • ‘Merci beaukook!’
  • ‘Mummy you look like a steam train today and a lovely mummy.’
  • ‘This bath is too wet!’
  • ‘But I don’t like onions!’ (whilst eating a plate of fish fingers, mash and broccoli)
  • ‘What was your favourite part of today?’ ‘Being with you.’

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