Being breezy

I keep looking out of the window at our washing line, eyeing it suspiciously. Since Saturday, it has hung between two trees in our garden; trees now blooming with white blossom, which fills me with joy. Spring! The washing line, however, has been bringing me somewhat less joy, and more a feeling of *whispers* getting […]

In conversation with my toddler

‘Fa-NA! Fa-NA’ he shouts enthusiastically, pointing at the lighthouse in his What Can You See, Spot? book. ‘Kack-Kack!’  he exclaims gleefully whilst pointing to a duck. ‘YES!’ I agree, ‘Yes! Quack-Quack, duck, that’s right, duck!’ Then he looks serious and shouts ‘Shun, SHUN!’ and I continue to beam as he points at the fat yellow […]

Reasons to be cheerful

Over the past couple of months I’ve noticed a certain hash tag cropping up on Facebook and Twitter, a little something called #100happydays. Friends started posting about beaches or chocolate or flowers alongside this tag, and I idly wondered what it’s all about (though it’s pretty darn obvious) but I kept forgetting to look into […]