Can we get a time check please?

Z3My last post in June was entitled ‘Slow Down’ and yes, I like to take things literally. But at this output rate, I’ll be kicking myself in years to come for spending far too much time Twinstabooking and not nearly enough time scribbling about our many adventures and the fact Z now says things to me like ‘Mummy you look like a telescope’ or ‘You’re my favourite mummy in the world’ or ‘I love you so much’ or ‘I’m CROSS with you!’ whilst folding his arms across his chest and looking away.

Admittedly I’m in something of a writing block at the moment when it comes to my own stuff, due to general busy-ness, but I spend so much time thinking ‘write that down’ and hastily making notes on my phone and then going to look them up and then ‘Ooh, just five minutes on . . .’

But last month, no wait, it’s two months ago now, argh . . . we had his pre-school report and parents’ evening. Is it me or are these occasions just the sweetest, loveliest things? I don’t mean that in a patronising way at ALL, because our nursery staff work so hard and take the best care of the kids there possible. But for me, going along and sitting on one of those tiny chairs and hearing all about how Z spends his days away from us is utterly z1lovely. Leafing through his workbook, filled with photos and descriptions of his progress obviously makes me well up. To be clear – we recently did a tour of the school we hope he’ll get into, and not only did I have to really battle to not bawl the whole way through, I cried my eyes out walking home. I’m not even ashamed. That’s just how it is and how it’s going to be. He’s my baby, the school is massive, it’s going to suck not hanging out with him on Thursdays and Fridays anymore from next September.

As for his pre-school report, I bloody love it. It tells us things about our little boy like ‘He is learning to put his coat on by himself’ and ‘Zachary is growing in confidence’ and ‘Zachary enjoys singing and dancing’ – oh, my heart! There are gems like ‘Zachary enjoys looking at books by himself’ – well of COURSE he does, that’s my boy. Erm – ‘Zachary understand mathematical language’ – what? How? I still count using my fingers. If he doesn’t struggle with maths in the way I do, then this is excellent news. Yes, I know he’s only three. ‘We are working on his concentration and attention span’ is something I wholeheartedly support – gets it from his dad.

It’s such a nice thing to have and to keep, and I think I’d quite like to write my own version of a report for him soon, to keep track of all he gets up to now. Because I can’t remember what we do from one week to the next, but I know this time is precious, and there’s so much I don’t want to forget. The tantrums, yes. The fact he told me today that if he ever had a little sister he’d like to call her Geoffrey? No. And no.




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