No mummy, *you* the best

Our conversations with Zach just get better, as he learns more words and surprises us every day with new observations, comments and thoughts.

One of my current favourites is:

‘You’re so lovely/funny/cheeky/wriggly (insert appropriate adjective here) Zach!’
‘No I’m NOT, I’m Zachary!’
‘Yes you are!’
‘No I’m not, I’m a big boy!’
‘Yes, a cheeky big boy!’
‘NO! I not!’
‘Yes, you’re the best!’
‘No I NOT! You the best mummy!’
‘I’ll take that.’

I was thinking about this a bit more when I was feeling absolutely not my best; very tired after a fun night out. Those days of going out three to four times a week at uni, followed by getting up and going to lectures the next day, are so long gone. Though they probably didn’t start till 2pm and lasted two hours. Looking after a toddler + working + a late night are not the same.
yellow ice creamI know when he says this to me it’s a game. But I am, after all, the one who dresses him, feeds him, cleans up his mess, makes sure he’s warm, not hungry or thirsty, I find his toys and shoes and MoreGuin ten times a day. I deal with his mad tantrums (‘No don’t WANT that t-shirt mummy want my pyjamas nooooo nooo not THAT one want that t-shirt mummy noooooooo!’) and I now ask him quite a lot if he needs a wee and have no objections to cleaning up his wee or worse (although yesterday I was delighted not to). So actually yes, mummy IS the best (daddy too).

Yeaahhhhh! I’m going to remember this now and not feel bad that we’re lazing in our pjs as I write this and he watches Peppa on my phone. Because he just rested his head on my shoulders for a few minutes whilst giggling at Peppa and that was the best.


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