The Potty Training Diaries Part V

Tomorrow I am going to work and must remember not to ask every person I speak to ‘Do you need a wee? Do you need a wee darling? Do you want Mummy to help you? Shall I sit you on the toilet?’ because wouldn’t that be awkward with a capital A?

Over the last four days, Zee has gone from screaming and crying at the idea of using the potty to sitting on it earlier this evening and doing a big wee. In front of Peppa, but if that was what it took to get him to sit on it for an extended period of time, then fine. He did it, and that’s what counts. Today has been very much more of the same, with delight at pretending to use the toilet and screaming when he needed to, so the potty breakthrough earlier felt like a real achievement. Tomorrow I hand the potty training over to his excellent nursery carers, and yes I am positively punching the air at the prospect of this.

ProfileI’m so glad I was able to spend these four days with him though, trying to help him progress in this next big step. He has been his usual lovely, cheeky, playful and mischievous self and not in the least bit bothered at pretty much spending four days in the house and garden. The worst bits weren’t clearing up the messes (though yuck) or being wee’d on, but seeing him so distressed and feeling like the Meanest Person Ever when I wouldn’t give him a nappy when he asked.

But at 7 this evening I did, because I could not face a poo-gate situation on a Sunday evening so close to bedtime when he gets a nappy anyway. I’ve now got him to a weeing on the potty stage, having frankly wanted to abandon it after his sobs on the first day. The first stage is done. Roll on Tuesday when I can finally Have a Drink. Hurray for Drink!

*Update* As potty training Zee feels like one of my biggest achievements (and his) this year, I wanted to make a note of how he went from tears to triumph in a week, via this post for Ladybird books here:

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