The Potty Training Diaries Part II

Over the last few weeks, when I’ve mentioned to various people that I would be starting potty training today, some were really positive, ‘Oh you’ll be fine,’ they said, ‘It’s really not too bad . . .’ Others were wide-eyed, with eyebrows raised and wishing me good luck.

Now I know why.

In terms of all the pre-reading, the purchasing of the pants and the potties and the personalised potty books, I was prepared. What I was not prepared for, was my child being happy to sit on the potty when he doesn’t need to go, then crying and telling me he’s scared of it when he does. This was followed by point- blank refusal to sit on it, let alone wee in it, all the while crossing his legs and crying and begging me to put his nappy on and being visibly upset and distressed. Which made me extremely distressed, though I had to try not to show it.

It all started off promisingly at 7 this morning, with him clambering into his blue big boy pants with gusto – first sticker on his chart, done. I reassured him and kept repeating myself. I felt like a broken record. ‘When you need a wee-wee darling, just tell Mummy and we can sit you on the potty, etc, etc, etc.’ By 12pm, still nothing, and that’s when his tears began. Today there have been several accidents, I have been wee’d over, as has the floor, but he did manage a little wee in his potty through all the crying and it felt like such a big moment, I nearly cried too.

I have no idea what tomorrow will bring, but at least I have an idea of just how tough potty training can be. Last night I was joking about the Valium. Maybe by the end of this I won’t be.

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