The Potty Training Diaries Part 1

And so it came to pass that I have in my posession:

1 x Gina Ford’s Potty Training in One Week

1 x a personalised, Penwizard Pirate Zachary’s Potty with pirate stickers and sticker chart


1 x Pirate Pete’s Potty book

2 x blue potties

A LOT of big boy pants featuring Thomas, cars and pirates

A travel potty

1 x large jar of Valium

The rug in the lounge has been lifted up, several pairs of jogging bottoms and loose trousers washed; the buckets and mop are downstairs waiting.

We have talked to Zee about the potty for MONTHS, he has practised wearing big boy pants, he has done many imaginary wee-wees in the potty; he has run around shouting ‘My have a winky! You no have a winky Mummy!’ more times than I care to remember. Nursery say he’s ready. I have tried my best to be ready.

Are we prepared? I hope so. Tomorrow it begins. Let’s get down to business.


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