Telling stories

It’s taken months of organising on and off, with hours more organising last week and then I was up till 1am working on it today, but I am finally a few edits away from hitting ‘send to print’ on the photo album of Zee’s second year.

A project like this is a chance to stop and look back, and there are great swathes of 2014 I had entirely forgotten until I started trying to put it into some semblance of order, for Zee to enjoy when he’s older. Of course, it’s an album for Zee, but I’m going to be the only person who’s truly interested in looking at it again . . . and again . . . and again over the years, I imagine. Sentimental Cancerian that I am.

It is the story of his little life so far told in pictures, and on here when I have time, I try to tell it for him in words. I have been neglectful of blogging lately from a sheer lack of time. I am lucky that my freelance adventures are going well; it is more than I could ever have anticipated this time last year. Amongst other gigs, I currently find myself working as the copywriter for two of the greatest children’s authors in the world, which makes me punch the air a little bit and feel lucky. I am also the monthly blogger for Ladybird Books, writing as LadybirdMum, which is an honour and a lovely record for Zach. So I haven’t entirely been neglecting the scribblings, they just sit here and here instead of on here.

But every day at the moment, I find myself thinking ‘I must write that down!’ when Zee says or does yet another funny or surprising thing. He is two and a half and developing at a rate of knots and it is fascinating and thrilling and at times entirely daunting to see. Our baby, growing up so fast. It makes me catch my breath sometimes. In no particular order, some of the things he comes out with now include:

  • ‘No Mummy, that’s impossible.’
  • ‘Mummy, you say no too much. Stop saying no.’
  • ‘Be careful Mummy! We must be careful.’
  • (One morning when I went to wake him) ‘No Mummy don’t want you, want Daddy, not you Mummy, LUK (yuck)!’ Charmed, I’m sure.
  • ‘Mummy, are you okay?’
  • ‘My go a nursery work today Mummy, my see my friends.’
  • ‘No I want to do it myself!’
  • ‘I’m not a sweetie, I’m Zee, you a sweetie Mummy.’
  • ‘This carpet is nice and soft on my tootsies.’
  • ‘GO AWAY!’ – which I’m happy to say he’s picked up from his favourite Pom-Pom Gets the Grumps, though he does take great delight in yelling it at us . . .

    And because this summer has seemingly been and gone so quickly I can’t keep up, I’m going to cheat and let this photo gallery below nudge my memory in months and years to come, because quite simply, we’ve been having far too much fun for me to write it all down. I will try and do better from now on.

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