The Opposite of Easy Like Sunday Morning


I am in a spa.
I am in a spa in beautiful countryside, sitting in a heated outdoor jacuzzi, sipping champagne.
Even though it’s freezing outside, I am so warm, and relaxed, sipping champagne as the sun sets.

I hear a noise.
I tense.
What could that noise be?
I am in a spa.
There are no loud noises in a spa.
The noise gets louder.
Oh wait.
Wait a moment.
I’m not in a spa.

I am at home, in bed and that noise is my baby, in his cot.
It’s 3am.
The noise is only going to get louder.
If I’m lucky, it may stop; a bad dream. He rolls over and goes back to sleep.
If not; if it’s his teeth, he will cry louder and louder and I will go to him and he will reach up for me, still crying.
I will bring him into our bed, and begin a balancing act on the very edge of the bed, as he stretches out next to his daddy.
And they snore.
As relaxing spa experiences go, I will not be recommending this one on Trip Advisor.


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