Can someone send a grown-up in to help us now? Many thanks

IMG_9716It’s August (observation skills 10/10) and since the last time I blogged I have:

Bought a house
Moved into said house
Been on holiday with friends, to amazing Morzine
Turned 28 (again)
Found a new nursery for Zee to start in September
Masterminded a hen-do
Finished writing a second children’s book
Been on holiday with H’s family to the sunny Alps
Continued to work full-time and commute into central London every day with Z in a sling. A seven mile journey each way. In a heat wave.

Phew. Busy times.

It started with a text from H in April, informing me our then landlady was moving back from Dubai and would like us to leave, please. By the end of June. At first we didn’t know what to do so we panicked. Then we panicked some more as we tried to puzzle it all out. Zee’s wonderful nursery was below our flat, we had the easiest nursery drop-off and pick-up ever and I had the best walk to work anyone could have if you happen to like Albert Embankment and the South Bank, which I do, a lot. It’s been a while now so the whole process has become a bit of a blur, but it was horrible stressful. Or, because we’re not in the East End, horribly stressful. We didn’t want to move into another rented place only to move out when we’d found somewhere to buy, so we decided to do the second most grown-up thing we could do after becoming parents and Buy A House. Looking back on it now we’ve been extremely lucky because it’s all happened quickly, but at the time all the uncertainty was stomach-churning and only added to the sleepless nights I was already having with Master Zee.

IMG_9215In summary, buying a house involves a LOT of work and research and info gathering (at which H excelled himself). Followed by a lot of ‘He Says She Says’ as you deal with banks and lawyers and estate agents, all juggling dates and logistics, culminating in the most stressful week I’ve had in ages when it all came down to Will The Funds Be Exchanged by Moving Date – or will we have to pitch Z’s toy tent and live in it on the South Bank for the foreseeable? Luckily, it did all work out and we are in and it is our home and it is in London and we love it. We keep walking in and out of our very own dining room and lounge and kitchen and up and down the stairs (we have stairs!?), hardly able to believe it’s ours. This is the house I burst into tears upon leaving after our viewing, so convinced was I that we’d never get it and we’d probably end up with the house we viewed with the terracotta walls, where one of the residents had left the bathwater in the bath before vacating it for the viewing. How happy I am to be wrong and to be in the place that feels like home despite the fact it currently resembles a camp site. On account of not being able to spend any time in there so far, due to the holidaying, henning and having to go to work. Life and good times sure can get in the way of painting and decorating.

And speaking of which, can someone just tell us how to do everything we need to do in the house and garden, or maybe just do it for us, so it looks exactly how I imagine it should look in my head but without me having to crack open a tin of paint? In ten years of renting I’ve never painted a wall, never needed to. Gulp. It feels like we’re playing house. During a hungover trip to Homebase last weekend we spent 10 minutes looking at curtain rails instead of bathroom shower rails before realising we needed to be in an entirely different section. This is going to be a very interesting time.

Although the more I play on Pinterest and seek advice from family and friends, the more I reckon we probably can work it all out for ourselves, in time. And time is what we have; there will be no one giving us notice on this place this time. We do keep referring to the previous owners as the owners though. But that would be us. Lucky us.

2 thoughts on “Can someone send a grown-up in to help us now? Many thanks

  1. Deep breath! You’re going to be fine, I promise. Pretend you’re renting and make up your own rules as you go – live in your home for awhile before painting and see how it feels to you before deciding on a colour and start with the baby’s room , it’s more forgiving than most. And the best rule – congratulate yourself- you bought a house!

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