It’s beginning to look a lot like Baby’s First Christmas . . .

IMG_5794Had a SATC moment yesterday, but in reverse. The episode where Carrie is lonely and wandering the streets of Paris, and glimpses into a restaurant and sees a group of girlfriends and misses hers. Yesterday I couldn’t help but beam as Zee and I arrived in the pouring rain at the Riverfront bar on the Southbank. Through the glass, I glimpsed my oldest friend from infant school and my oldest friend from school, and meeting them here in London, away from where we grew up, always feels a bit like coming home. They admired Zee’s reindeer outfit (he’s practically lived in it since 1st December) whilst I ordered the wine, and over drinks we made festive plans before it was time to take Zee home through the Christmas market in the rain, under the blue and silver twinkling lights draped through the trees below the London Eye and overlooking Big Ben.

This month is zooming by and Christmas this year has an extra special feel to it. Somehow the Oxford Street lights and Covent Garden tree and baubles feel bigger and brighter, hanging decorations and and writing cards, wrapping presents and sipping mulled wine; it all feels more special because Zee is here. Of course, he has absolutely no idea what’s going on but likes eating envelopes and shiny paper; the cliché is true – cardboard and bits of string over toys and plastic every single time.

I forgot what a busy time of year this always is. In the last few weeks we have been in West Sussex (thrice), the Midlands (twice), we are off to Wales at the weekend, Cambridge and Southwold next week, it’s a blur of family and friends and organising baby logistics at every turn, but worth every packed then repacked bag, every motorway station stop, every unfolded then refolded travel cot.

Today we had our NCT babies Christmas party; four Miss Christmas’s, two elves, one Santa, one reindeer and one snowman, the full festive ensemble and by jingle bells they looked CUTE! We briefed them on what a very busy week they have in store and they dribbled and gurgled inattentively, as ten-month-old babies are wont to do. As they sat in a circle opening their Secret Santa gifts (with a little help), I had a little moment. I felt really lucky. I don’t ever, and will never, take for granted how lucky we are to have a gorgeous, funny, sweet, healthy baby boy to love. Tomorrow is my departmental and company Christmas party and my kind parents are coming to take charge of Zee for the day. It will be so much fun to go out and party like the old days, but I must keep in check that after a few wines, I don’t start brandishing pics of my baby reindeer at anyone who’ll look.

Oh who am I trying to kid? I will, proudly, and they’ll just have to humour me – it is Christmas and the season of goodwill to all men and proud (and probably tipsy) new mums, after all . . .


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