Belly laughs


My thoughtful dad likes to save me articles of things he sees, which he knows I’ll be interested in. Or he sends me links or prints off pages from the Internet, which I love because he sometimes prefaces it with ‘I saw this on The Internet,’ as if the Internet is still a relatively new invention. Dad if you’re reading this (on The Internet), thank you and keep them coming.

So a couple of weeks ago he gave me an article he’d saved, all about Friends. Specifically that next year, Friends celebrates its twentieth anniversary.


How has this happened? Could I be any more surprised? Oh. My. GOD! etc etc. I LOVE Friends. I don’t think a day goes by where I don’t mutter at least one quote from it; unfortunately due to a lack of Comedy Central on our BT Vision box I can’t still watch it every day, but it means when I do catch an episode here and there, it’s a real treat. At home a few weeks ago, I saw the Vikram episode, which still makes me laugh out loud, I mean really laugh, from my tummy, despite having seen it at least ten times. I still bawl at Monica and Chandler’s engagement, and the triplets’ birth, and Emma’s, and when the final Rachel-Ross-will-they-won’t-they-will-they-won’t-they saga takes its final break in the last ever episode.

I’ve loved it since it first began, and it turns out a whole new generation is discovering and loving it too. The humour is still spot on twenty years on, I will never tire of ‘PIVVVVVVOT!’, or Joey telling Ross to hit him and Ross ending up in A&E, or when the girls lose their apartment or when Rachel cries ‘Wiiiiieeenerrrr!’ down the phone, or Phoebe’s run, Chandler’s sarcasm, Ross’s teeth, tan and fajitas – there are far too many funny moments to even begin to discuss, which is all a part of its charm, and why it’s standing the time test.

The article discusses the twentieth anniversary and asks whether today’s fans, young and old (argggh! Are my friends and I now in the ‘old’ category?!), would disagree with the fact the stars and show’s producers have ruled out a reunion episode for next year. I’m with them; don’t mess with the ending. It was perfect. Don’t do a SATC2 and ruin it forever. Let them remain as they are and let us enjoy the endless reruns, and the pursuit of the ultimate TV treat for true fans; stumbling upon a Friends episode you’ve somehow managed to never see. One day it will happen. And it’ll be greeeeeat.


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