Until this evening, H probably thought the best money we’ve spent since becoming parents was on the wax ear plugs he wore during the first few months when Zee was our roomie and squawked every two hours without fail, rendering me a stumbling, bumbling mess. I never felt it necessary for H to be awake at these times too, he lacks the goods to feed a crying baby at 1am, 3am, 5am etc and there was no point in both of us being utterly shattered the next day – I needed him to bring me sweet tea and have enough form for both of us when visitors came a-calling, after all.

But I now know the best purchase we made was a Panasonic pocket camcorder, having just spent the last three hours watching the footage we’ve taken since just before Zee’s arrival and up to last week.

ClapperBoardManResizedI’m not a fan of seeing myself on film, and certainly not a few days past my due date when I look like I’ve been Fat Boothed and not just for a funny photo but for real life. Supposedly the camera adds ten pounds, but to paraphrase the great Chandler Bing, how many cameras were on me?! Anyway, looking back on those films at the beach, talking to the bump and remembering our anticipation and excitement at what was so unknown, was lovely. And it just got better and better. Many of the clips brought tears to my eyes, seeing Zee as a tiny baby and capturing him on film as this scrunched-up little bundle is magical. I started to wish we’d filmed him arriving into the world but UGH and horrors, that would obviously mean filming The Birth. I can’t decide if that’s a good idea or not for next time. Would it be completely astonishing and wonderful to have the moment you are born on film? Or gross? I just can’t decide.

One thing I am certain of is that these films, made with our very limited filming skills but entirely with love, are the perfect record of this incredibly precious time, and will hopefully provide two things. A treasure chest of memories for us and for Zee in the years ahead, and some excellent footage for his 18th birthday party. ‘Ohhh Mum and Dad you’re soooo embarrassing!’ That we are son, that we are, and as your parents that’s our privilege.


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