Right this second, as I write, Z is curled up on his feeding pillow, tummy to chest with me, his tiny right hand resting on his cheek, and he is fast asleep. It’s just me and him and the ‘Sounds of the Ocean’ track’s been playing on Sonos for an hour because I can’t work out how to return to the Menu. But I can think of worse things to listen to than the gentle sounds of lapping waves whilst lounging on the sofa.

SAM_5390Anyway, focus … yes, the sofa. This is a pretty lovely set-up, just me and my baby boy. We don’t have anywhere to be or anyone to see or anything to do. So why do I feel guilty? I feel like I *should* be in a class with him somewhere singing nursery rhymes and banging a tambourine, or having a brisk walk or whipping up a batch of butterfly cakes just because I’ve found a recipe that even I can concentrate on long enough not to burn.

It’s so silly, isn’t it? He’s not even eight weeks old, and I’ve been told time and again to enjoy this precious time with him. And so I am, very much. Before Zee’s arrival I was the Queen of the Lie-In, I can maximise lying around time like the best of them (yes, I do mean students) and during the long wait for Zee to appear (17 days past his due date, to be exact), I savoured every last second of the calm before he was born. I have no qualms with not getting dressed all day.

We are really lucky to have a whole range of classes on our doorstep and I’m looking forward to getting Zee fully involved, with my lovely NCT friends and their bambinos, over the coming weeks and months. Anyone for baby massage? Hell yeah! And it isn’t going to be one of those unnecessarily competitive set-ups you hear about either. ‘My baby son Sheridan Teddington Raymond Maximillian can lift his head and recite the alphabet in Latin whilst tap-dancing you know!’ ‘Well my girl Pandora Willamina Cressida Cosima has abandoned The Very Hungry Caterpillar for Dostoevsky and it’s simply mahhhhhvellous to hear her reading out loud!’

No thanks.

But today, after a week seeing dear friends and beach walks in the one day of glorious sunshine since last August, and appointments and an excellent session of Lady of Leisuring with our NCT friends yesterday, Zee and I are gonna stay in our pj’s and play the day away in the comfort of our warm and cosy home. And I’m going to enjoy every moment, whilst humming the song now stuck in my head, thanks to Gary et al.


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