Here’s looking at you, kid

Hours I’ve lost, hours I tell thee, just gazing at Zee. I love him more than I can adequately describe. H and I are besotted and beside ourselves with glee at how perfect he is, how lucky we are and how damn sweet he is to boot. I’m in danger of sounding smug, I know, but there would be something amiss if we didn’t feel like this about our baby, wouldn’t there?


A few days ago I saw this in Gurgle magazine. Clarks have nailed it once again, their marketing is so good. They’ve cornered the market in children’s first shoes, they have done for ages now – I remember vividly the excitement of going to get your feet measured on that marvellous machine, and admiring the Flower Fairies shoes with that magic little key in the sole. And now Clarks have created these rather clever ads.

GIRL SHOESTalk about going straight for the heartstrings of a new parent. I found myself nodding as I read each line, and continued to agree when I turned the page to read the girls version. Whoever their copywriter is, hats (shoes?) off to them. Because this really works. And I don’t think it’s cheesy, it’s all true. A million loving thoughts run through your mind every time you see your baby, these ads capture just some of them. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have something very important to do. *Casts laptop aside and gazes back down at the baby once more*


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