Dancing shoes

H and I went to a wedding yesterday and it was awesome. The couple are very old (not elderly, just longstanding) friends of H’s from his hometown, and it was a day filled with laughter and love set in a gorgeous marquee down by the water. We enjoyed good food, fine wine, hilarious and touching speeches and we danced the night away. We left Zee in the very capable hands of my kind parents and I managed not to spend half the time looking around and wondering where I’d put him.

Weddings are a whole new ball game when you aren’t able to gleefully exclaim ‘Ooh yes please!’ every time someone offers to top you up. For this occasion, it simply wouldn’t do to indulge in too much wine and then attempt to take charge of the baby at the 3am feed, of course it wouldn’t.

Now, H and I are seasoned wedding guests, at the height of our wedding attending we went to 16 in two years and it was such fun, we have so many fond memories of them all. At these weddings the wine flowed into my glass with abandon, I would spend hours twirling on the dance floor in a happy haze, delighted for the bride and groom, with no thought to the consequences of the morning after.

ShoesInvariably the morning after would be spent with only one eye open and trying to recall if I’d (a) embarrassed myself in any way and (b) where my heels were, having probably been kicked off under a chair as I raced to the dance floor when the first notes of ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ began.

But then of course when the best test I’ve ever taken came back positive, the boozing stopped and so did my previous wedding form. Last September I went to my first two weddings where I sipped Shloer not champagne and I enjoyed them just as much as all the others. Of course I did. It would be a very sad state of affairs if you have to be tipsy to enjoy celebrating one of the best days of your friends’ lives, wouldn’t it? And it’s pretty great to feel fine and dandy, and to remember every last detail, the morning after the night before. And as for sober dancing – it’s easy. You just dance like you’re drunk, whilst your husband dances like his dad.

PS During the very lovely ceremony yesterday I discovered a new quote in the Order of Service to add to my list. It brought tears to my eyes and made me reach for H’s hand. ‘This day I married my best friend . . . the one I laugh with, live for, dream with and forever love . . .’


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